Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

This fourth of July we did what many other Americans did. We hung out by the pool and grilled out. We went to our friend Brandon's house at the coast and swam in his pool. This was Aiden's first time in the pool and he really enjoyed it. After we coated him from head to toe with Baby spf 50 we floated around and cooled off. Thankfully the pool did have one patch of shade. This was so nice. Aiden slept the whole way home. He was tuckered out! After he woke up we played and sang songs and I got a taste of his first laugh. It was too cute! He soon hit the bed and slept all night long. Sleeping babies... What a blessing!

Later that night we heard the sound of fireworks going off outside so we ran outside and witnessed our own fireworks display. Living in the middle of no where can have its advantages. People bought their own fireworks and they were shooting them off from three different directions. We had such a good day!

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