Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aiden Walks! ...well kind of...

I got home this afternoon from my last day of school and Aiden I were walking around the house together. He has recently started taking one and two step here and there, but today he got moving. He walked down the entire length of our hallway, laughing the whole time. This was the furthest he walked by himself for the rest of the day. The hallway walk definitely broke down some confidence barriers because later that afternoon he began letting go of my hand even when it wasn't always safe for example the stone walkway leading to our door.

A couple of weekends ago we bought Aiden one of those hard platic pools. We filled it with water and let it sit in the sun for about a day. This was still too cold for little man, so tonight Mark had the bright idea to bring the pool in the house. So... Aiden got to swim in the pool in the comfort of his home and its warm water. Some may call this a bath. He loved it and played stand up, and fall to the ground more times than I can count. Maybe he will now remember how much fun he had with the pool outside, like all the other normal kids.
These are just a few pics of him playing in the pool, and the mean game of stand up- fall down.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 07

Unlike last memorial day this one was quite mellow. Last week was busy, being that it was the last week of school, so this weekend our family took it pretty easy. Staying home lately has gotten a bit difficult. The smoke is pretty bad where we are and it makes it hard to go outside. So on Saturday we went to Tallahassee where it was much better and met some of our friends for a picnic.

Aiden is trying to toddle around so the playground was a little more exciting. We also brought his tractor and he had fun pushing his buddy Ranen around.

Starting yesterday Aiden developed a pretty mean diaper rash. It was really bad today, so we spent alot of time outside today, so that Aiden could run in the nude. This is Aiden with his Tigerlily. Tigerlily can be pretty nasty sometimes but has always been very sweet to Aiden. We are trying to teach him the difference between stroking the cat and patting the dog. He is catching on pretty well.

So that is what we did. I was thinking back to last memorial day when we had water fun at our house with all of our friends. Aiden was so bitty. I watched him at the park this weekend pushing Ranen around and I just couldn't believe what a kid he is turning into.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

and more...

A few more pictures...

Birthday Pictures

AIden's Birthday Party was this weekend. It was a whirlwind but it was so much fun seeing friends and family. Here are a few pictures. Someone grabbed my camera and took pictures for me, and I am eternally grateful, but I had over 175 pictures of AIden's birthday! That is insane!

So here are a few!


The other night Mark, Aiden, and I went out to dinner. Wee drove separate vehicles because Mark was meeting us after work. Aiden screamed through dinner after grabbing hot French fries and shoving them in his mouth. I had to leave the restaurant twice to get him to chill out. Needless to say I was glad to get out of there. As we began to leave Mark told me that he was going to be just a few minutes behind me because he needed to get gas. No problem.

When Aiden and I got home I went straight inside and changed him and put him to bed. I had to go back outside to get a few things from the car. At this point it is almost dark. As I passed the pond I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. After only one more step I almost flew out of my skin.

There was a SNAKE hangin out in MY pond! I ran inside and stood inside the screen door. I watched as he swam around, as it was a warm evening and thought about how cool he looked. This really bothered me even behind the door becuase I have such a fear of snakes. I kept thinking that Mark would pull in the driveway at any point. About 10 minutes passed and still no Mark. I stood their watching this snake swim. He would dive to the bottom and come back to the top. I didn’t want him to get out, so occasionally when he would peek his head out of the pond I would throw something in the pond to scare him back in.

When Mark got home he couldn’t believe that I had stood there so long, and then he wanted to know what I wanted him to do to it. Kill it, I said. Now I know that this snake did nothing to me, but I couldn’t help but think of AIden and well me opening the door to find our friend at a later date.

So Mark made me attempt to hold the flashlight on this snake (because it is dark), while he fished him out of the pond. When I say this I really mean throw the snake out of the pond.

Finally after a very long time Mark got the snake out of the pond and disposed of him. Mmmmmm- my hero!

We think that it was a rat snake but still aren’t sure.Even though we have lived here for over two years and there has never been a snake in the pond- I am ready to rip that bad boy out of the ground and get rid of it!