Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movin' and a-shaking

Little Taylor grows sweeter each day. She is one determined baby, always moving and wanting to be on the go, so I savor the moments I have with her when she smiles and coos, letting me hold her close. She is a very strong little girl who is rolling over and holding her head up high. I love it when she laughs. Yesterday, Aiden and I were talking to her and making silly baby faces, and she laughed so hard, and so deep that it shook her entire body. This week she has really been into Aiden. He can make her laugh, and when he talks to her, she stares very intently. In the first picture I was able to catch the first time she rolled over. Aiden is right by her side showing her how to do it. I hope he will always be so sweet to her...

Pea-pod loves to stuck on her fist and her fingers...the sucking sound she makes is extremely loud.

I call this the classic Taylor look. She often has her eyes so wide open they look like they might just pop out of her head. She has that deer in the headlights look. I think its because she is taking it all in. Uh-oh.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Vacay Pics...

The Kagy's at Look out Mountain
Lupi's Pizza...or is it Lupis Pizza?

Cousins! Taylor may have a motive for being close.Give me that fist! "No Nice Taylor." This is my favorite picture from the 1200 that we took last week. I know...what would we do without digital cameras?


A few days ago we returned from our vacation with the Kagy family. We rented a cabin about 20 minutes outside of Chattanooga. This is something we did two years ago when Aiden and his cousin Abby were first born. Now with two more babies we decided that this was a must. I have not yet blogged about this trip because I had no idea where to start and still do not. So, I thought I would just touch on a few highlights.

First I must say that there is something so special and wonderful about the relationship between cousins. Aiden and Abby (for the most part) played wonderfully together. Aiden absolutely loved Abby and would squeal whenever Abby woke up in the morning. They spent their mornings running around on the deck chasing each other, pushing the stroller, playing with the big ball, and chasing Nana. Then whenever we would travel to TN., they would play in the car together laughing and singing.

We visited the Tn aquarium, the zoo, an awesome hands on kids museum, spent some time in a nearby creek, and playing in some of the numerous water features around town. We even got to have a date night (Date Night 08) in which we indulged in some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Aiden loved his first carousel ride, but not his second one. While planning one night where to go for the following day, I began reading some reviews on a trip planner website about the Chattanooga Zoo. While many people loved it, one person described it as a dirty little pet shop! Despite this claim we ventured out to find that the person was pretty right on with their description. Maybe it was just that it was bloody hot, or maybe it was because all of the animals were sleeping, or maybe it was because one of the animals on display was a crow! But this was not our favorite place. There was a carousel that we thought would be fun, and it turned out to be quite old and rather scary. Aunt Sam almost fell off as the crazy old lady started the thing and the creaking of the carousel itself caused Aiden to hold on for dear life. Notice the yellow caution tape in the background.

The cabin had 3 floors, and our bedroom along with a bunk room for the kids was on the bottom floor. It was not unusual to hear the pounding of little feet running from one end of the cabin to the other. While it was loud, the sound was such a sweet reminder of what it meant to be little and carefree.

We also met our sweet little niece Joanna. She is such a sweet wonderful little girl, and unlike little miss Taylor she loved to be held and rocked. Her “tractor beam” would pull you in and before you knew it you would have sweet Jo-Jo in you arms fast asleep.

Aiden and Abby loved climbing the stairs to the third floor and throwing balls over the side of the loft area. Someone would quickly run over to guard the babes playing on the floor, and it was game on.

Going anywhere was a huge production because we would plan to be out all day. So with two toddlers and two newborns and 6 adults and lots of walking this meant a lot of packing and preparing, and unpacking and then packing again. Thank you for the double stroller, oh how I love thee!

After the kids were in bed we would stay up visiting and playing games.

Before we knew it, our trip was over and we started the mass clean up and pack up. I was overcome with emotion as we said goodbye. Family is so important to me and it was so special seeing Aiden and Abby play together and generally just love on each other. They are the A team; the first of the grandbabies. Now there is Taylor and Jo-Jo a new generation. It is so exciting to see our family grow. I also cherish the relationship that I have with Sam (my sister in law) we have been through a lot together and I feel a special closeness with her that cannot be described. I am so lucky to have her.

So we headed south. I gathered myself and finally stopped the tears flowing from my eyes. Aiden and Taylor were sleeping before we knew it. Later when Aiden woke he was somewhat cranky, and upon asking him what was wrong he said, “I want see Abby, I want see Abby.” I know baby, me too.

Now we are home. Vacation is over. As we came in the door, I put Taylor on a blanket to stretch out while we unpacked the car, and she decided to roll over! What a determined little 3 ½ month old. So many things I never want to forget.
Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. Check out the cabin here.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Aiden 2, Taylor 3 months

My best friend, Amy came over today with Lennon, and took these shots for me. There are lots more but these made me want to freeze time. Thank you Amy for catching my babies in such a natural way. I love you!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Some All-American Fun

We went last night and did the all-american thing. We hung out with friends, ate some food, saw some fireworks. The place we go each year is extremely family friendly. They do not allow alchohol, and the people that go there are generally nice and mostly families. There are lots of vendors and bouncy house things for the kids to jump in.
Aiden had a great time. About 4 seconds after we placed our blanket on the ground he had located the one patch of dirt in the whole place. Once his buddy Fox arrived he roped him into his mischief. Aiden was covered from head to toe with dirt. He made sure that Fox was also covered in dirt along with an innocent little boy who was merely passing by. The boys had a great time but they were sweaty, gross, sandy, and covered in sno-cones.

We didn't really know what to expect with Aiden and the fireworks, but he did rather well. For the first half he watched them but made sure my hands were tightly over his hears. By the end he loved it and was ooohing and aaahhing.

He fell asleep by the time we left the parking lot, which was about 30 minutes, but he DID get a bath when we got home close to midnight.

Here is Aiden with his buddies Fox, and Ranen.

There was a man flying in the sky with a little engine on his back and a flag attatched. I think this is what they are looking at. Notice the stained mouth and the water ( I hope) on their shirts. They were having fun.
Taylor stayed with my mom and dad. The heat and noise would have been too much for her. I took this picture today. Her eyes look so pretty to me. Note: she is wearing a swim suit that I wore when I was a baby. Weird.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Potty Training... I must be crazy!

Yesterday we began potty training. I wasn't going to do it yet. Aiden didn't seem all that interested, but I thought well lets give it a go and see what happens. We took away the diaper, and I loaded him with liquids and made him sit every 10 minutes until he went. Well he did and we danced, we shouted, we gave treats. He was so proud he jumped up and down yelling "Yea Aiden!" I put his potty seat in the kitchen so that he could get there quickly, and reminded him over and over again. I was so proud of him. We had no accidents yesterday and several successful attempts. He would be playing with toys and would stop and go running to the potty. The problem that I had was with the actual potty. It is hard for him to get his boy equipment pointing into the seat and in return it can sometimes spray everywhere. So I learned very quickly to have the sink full of mopping water. I mopped more yesterday than well... I mopped alot. SO far today has been successful, we will continue to work on it. I just fear going out. For now we will put on the diaper if we go out.

Tonight we will see fireworks. We have started talking about them and describing them as "good booms." Taylor will be with my mom and dad but she still had to dress for the occasion. She has started to wiggle her self around on the floor. If I lay her on her blanket to play, I sometimes find her off of her blanket and 360 degrees from where she started. She has most recently begun to arch her back like she wants to roll over. She is a crazy little girl. She is so sweet and we love her so much.

Yesterday I ws trying to make Aiden's lunch and Taylor was also hungry. So she was fussing and I looked over and Aiden had given her the pacifier and was lightly bouncing her bouncy seat and was saying SShh, SShh, SShh. What a sweet thing.

Vacation time is coming and I can't wait to see my sweet little nieces. I am starting to dread the drive up....
Happy fourth of July!!!!