Monday, March 24, 2008


Our Easter weekend was crazy busy!

It started Saturday morning and did not end until SUnday at midnight when I pulled my aching pregnant body into my soft bed. We had 3 egg hunts, 2 dinners, lots of wiggly kids, a new baby ( not mine), family time, girl time, and a wedding. Whew!

Aiden was very well behaved. I say that because in the land of two's it is sometimes hit or miss. I think he may be over the hunting egg thing, but he was very focused. While hunting for the eggs, he would squat down, and put his pointer finger over his lip, and say " HMMM, let's see."

We had easter lunch at our house with my parents, and then again that afternoon at the park with our buds and the kids.

After the park I got to go see the newest baby to the group Mr. Elias Strickland. He is a handsome little boy! Then, it was off to bible study with the girls.

This is my last week at school, before I begin maternity leave. Thank goodness! With no time to rest at school, I am exhausted at the end of the day. Let's hope this baby gets here sooner rather than later! I feel like the crazy woman inside of me is showing herself more and more each day! Beware.

I posted our pictures here on shutterfly, but here are a few of my favorites...

Monday, March 17, 2008


Lately, it seems like we have been so busy. I can't really recall what exactly it is that we have been doing, but I know that it seems like there is never a moment to catch a breath. I have been trying to wrap things up for maternity leave and trying to have conferences with all of the parents at school. I also am taking an online graduate level reading class to renew my teaching certificate. Here is the deal though... it ends April 28th. So I have been staying later than usual and staying extremely busy. I do know that the other weekend we went to my parents house to celebrate my cousin Alexa, and my dad's birthday!

My mom made the bedding for Taylor's room. I love it! Thanks mom. Here is a sneak peek! Pretty funky, huh?

One of the other things that I hung in the room is a piece of art I actually made with my mom in the fourth grade. I made it while I was attending the elementary school that I now teach at. It is pretty off the wall, but I have held onto it for sentimental value, I guess. Mark thinks that it is hideous but I am finding that I am quite fond of it. Here it is

In the midst of all the craziness that is our life right now, I have forgotten that it is almost April which means Aiden will be two! Time flies. He is doing all of the things you would expect a two year old to do... repeating things you say ;-( climbing and jumping on things, stomping his feet when he doesn't get his way, and getting into everything ( I'm sure Julie can relate). He also does some really cute things like singing into things that resemble a microphone, counting to four, sometimes five, saying prayers, and kissing your face at night and saying" love you." He is a sweet boy.

What a sweet kitty, Tigerlily has turned out to be!