Monday, November 20, 2006

His father's son

Aiden continues to grow and change on a daily basis leaving me with mixed emotions of excitement in what is next to come and sadness of what has already passed. This passed week he realized just how strong his vocal cords can be. Our house is now filled with the sweet sounds of baby squeals, but at times baby screams. On a regular basis Aiden is a happy baby and very content however there are times when sweet Aiden does not get his way and you would think that the world is coming to a crashing end. It gives me glimpses of what the toddler years are going to be like with him. I have already begun praying for patience during these times.

Aiden is working on the crawling thing but has yet to get that left leg going. This is something that I am currently obsessed over and I know before I now it he will be everywhere into everything, so I am trying not to worry about it.

We recently had our first teething cookie and for a first time mom this was a very nerve racking experience. The two teeth that Aiden continues to sport are his secret weapon. The little dude can bite like you would not believe. So instead of kind of sucking on the little dissolving cookie, our Aiden bites chunks off. This results in a gagging child, a mommy with her finger in the back of a throat and cookie and slobber everywhere. We have tried this twice and are presently putting the cookie thing on hold.

He changes everyday and we are having so much fun with him!


So we decided that the Holidays started early for us this year. Friday night My Aunt and Uncle and cousin came and stayed with us. We had fun hanging out all night and just being goofy. Then on Saturday we had a big pre-Thanksgiving day bash out at our house with a bunch of our friends and family. Everyone brought food. Mark fried a turkey and my mom made ham. We ate too many starches and desserts, but it was so good! After the food settled, the kids ran around, the babies napped and the adults played kickball! It was wonderful to have everyone over and reminded us how truly thankful for all of our friends and family! We love you guys! Here are some pictures of some of the little ones. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked but I was too busy enjoying myself, and at least one of the kids was always napping. For Thanksgiving we are off to Nana and Grumpa's in Sarasota. This will be Aiden's first trip there! Pray for a safe, quiet trip!

This is Aiden and his cousin Alexa. This was their first meeting.

The only picture I had of Jackson and Adah playing in the hammock.

Ranen crawled all over the place. What a little man!

Aiden and Clark having some quality tummy time!

Post Halloween

I have gotten behind on my blogger responsibilities. For Halloween we went to the Alley's house and they had a fun little fall party. All kids dressed up, and Carey dressed up like her ninja hubby Spencer. Everyone was too cute. These are pictures of most of the little ones, Aiden and sweet Libby, and Aiden and his buddy Clark.