Monday, July 17, 2006

Like a little weed

Aiden is growing like a little weed. I am amazed at how much he changes in a span of a week. He goes from just sitting and staring one day to smiling and attempting to laugh the next. He is turning into a pretty content little boy. When he does fuss he is either tired or hungry. Isn't that when most boys fuss?

So the other day he was on the changing table and I was talking to him about something, and he was getting very excited. His eyes were wide, and legs were kicking away. Then out of no where he let out the most high pitched squeal I ever heard. Well, this startled him and he took a deep breath in. I was also shocked but then flashed him a big smile, and in return I received a huge gummy smile. So I thought it would be funny to squeal back at him. Well then he sqealed back at me. It was quite entertaining and went on for the next five minutes or so. I thought about getting the video camera but I knew the moment would be lost.

This weekend we will be heading to Blueridge, Georgia to a cabin to stay a week with Mark's parents, and his brother Steve, his wife Sam, and our sweet new niece that was born just a couple hours after Aiden, Abigail. I can't wait to meet her! I will try to post pictures through out the week. Until then I have some packing and praying to do. 6 hours with Aiden in the car. Am I extremely brave, or just crazy?


Christopher Bennage said...

Boys fuss when they are tired or hungry or when I beat them in WarCraft 3.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture! He is getting so big.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous comment was from me (Lauren) . . . can't figure out how to make it say it's from me.