Sunday, June 25, 2006

Burgers, Babies, and Birthday Girls!

On Saturday we went to mermaid Ellie's birthday party at Maclay Gardens. The kids had a blast! They swam in the water, ate cake, swung at the pinata, and ate Spencer's yummy burgers. It was also the first time all the girls that had babies in the last couple of months all were in the same place at the same time. Here is a picture taken of all of us.

From left to right: Sandra and Ranen Zane 2.17, Carey and Clark Thomas 5.4,
Julie and James Cash 4.7, Me and Aiden James 4.25, and Darcy and Nena Janie 4.16.

These are some of the best moms and friends that you could probably find. I can call them whenever I have a mommy question or just to chat. I am glad that Aiden will have such a great group of friends.


Darcy said...

yea! Thanks for posting the picture. It was a fun day...I am already lamenting our move next summer.

Danielle said...

Moving?! NO!!!!! Where?

Darcy said...

Wherever I get a job after graduating next spring...there are not any openings at FSU right we will be moving! :(

Dana Jane said...

That is a very cute photo of you guys. It is a reminder of where I come from and hope to have family like this one day.