Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekend Fun

We love the weekends so much. It is a chance for some down time from the crazy week, and a time to see our growing group of friends. This was taken last weekend at the park. Some of the guys were playing frisbee golf for Jeremy's birthday and Sandra and I braved Tallahassee's unpredictable weather with the boys. As you can see Aiden and Ranen look a bit chilly.

Later on back at the Walworth's we attempted to pose the babies for a group shot. It was an experience. Babies on the move are quick! The older kiddos were a little bit easier. Aren't they cute?
This weekend was the start of first birthday's. Aiden's good buddy Noah turned one and invited Aiden to take a stroll in his new wheels. Aiden told me he wants a wagon now. Aiden also took some pointers in cake eating form Noah. April is on its way!
At home I set up our old fish tank with some cheap-o goldfish. Aiden loves the fish! He watched them for the longest time and then got pretty upset at the thought of bedtime. What a ham!