Sunday, October 11, 2009

Need I say more?

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pea Pod

I feel like every time I go to post lately it is because I am feeling sappy. . I have also had a bad case of writers block. Our lives are so fast paced and busy that it is hard to sit down and just think about how we have spent our time. Tonight I will give it a shot. Bear with me, I am a proud mama!Regardless, lately I have started to realize that our little Pea Pod is growing up. I seem to notice changes in her on a daily basis. Her language is building every day and she is changing from baby to little girl. She has such a funny sense of humor and loves to laugh and play. She is our little love bug. She is a VERY loud child that voices her opinion whenever she can. Currently she is like a little Linus with either a baby or a blanket. She loves her baby and can often be distracted from injury, or from her older brother. She uses words like: baby, mama, daddy, cup, yes, thanks, night night, snack, bow, eyes, teeth...I think there are a few more. She loves to dance and has rhythm from who knows where. She can identify her eyes, nose, mouth, head, tongue, teeth, ears, knees. She gives kisses, plays peek a boo and does whatever Aiden does. I just love this age!