Thursday, June 28, 2007

what we've been up to

This summer we have been so busy doing "stuff". We have been going to play with friends, to the pool, and music groups. We tend to get so busy that I have to schedule in a day to stay at home to try to keep my house in decent shape. This past week my mom and I took AIden to Jasper, Florida to see my grandparents.

These are family night pictures from the park. Aiden had a great time. It was 30 minutes past his bedtime and he was still toddling around like a little drunk man. He was so tired but he did not want to leave. He really enjoyed the seesaw. It was one that bounces if no one is on the other side and he would get excited and kick his legs to try to bounce up and down.

Kid training

I have realized something about myself. I am terrible about keeping journals. I had every intent of writing down every momentous occasion that happened in our lives. The life part happened but the journal part seems to be an ongoing struggle. I have come to accept that the most journaling I am ever going to do is online. SO... if my blogging seems mundane please forgive me. I don't have a ton of insightful things to talk about at this point.

Right now I am listening to a crying baby. Aiden has developed this ugly habit of not wanting to nap anywhere other than his bed. He will sleep at night other places but not during the day. This is a problem for us considering we are constantly on the go AND he goes to a babysitter during the day. So right now I have started to try to condition my child. We are at home and I have set up his pack n play in our guest room. My hope is that he will start to feel comfortable sleeping in this. It is not going well.
This past week we went to the Farmers Market in Thomasville and picked out a yummy watermelon. The pictures are an indication of how yummy it was.

Aiden has also gotten very good at hitting the balls on his ball maze toy/thing. Mark has also shown in the appropriate use for a hammer. He walks around with this thing and pounds on everything, pots and pans, his toys, the floor, the dog. He reminds me of the old Mario game when you got the special hammer power and could pound anything in your way. Gotta run- kid is still crying!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. We spent most of the day at church. They had a big fun thing called DADFEST! There was stuff for the kids to do, a blues band ( great job guys!), and lots of classic cars. We had fun but it was so hot. We spent most of the time trying to stay cool under the tent listening to the band. Aiden enjoyed walking around and dancing every now and then to the music.

I found myself tonight cleaning messes up everywhere. Aiden has begun to tear through our house like little bitty hurricane. I just walked by the bathroom to find toilet paper everywhere. Why? It was the only thing that kept him busy this morning while we attempted to get out of the house on time. Do you blame me?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

WARNING... not for the weak at heart

So.. this morning Aiden and I are making are daily trip to work/school listening to the usual mix of kids songs, Dave Ramsey, and the morning news. Aiden was sitting very quietly in the backseat ( which has started happening less often), and he began to clap his hands and play. So I turned on his music and began to beebop my way down the road listening to the cat came back singing along like it was my favorite song. SO this went on for a couple of minutes until I looked back at him and caught a glimpse of something on his head. WARNING: YOU MAY WANT TO STOP READING HERE. It was POOP! My kid had poop all over him. I mean from his head down to the tip of his itty bitty toes. He was clapping with it all over his hands, and then patting his head. I was speechless! So when we got to Ms. Amanda's we went straight to the tub. I now cannot stop smelling poop. I feel like it is still somewhere. I hope to stop smelling very soon.

Aiden is walking all over the place. I just thought I would pop a few pics in of him toddling around. I don't know if you can see them very well, but his little curls have started curling around his face. I love them, Mark usually says something like "poor kid."