Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's all good!

In a recent post I talked about my job offer and my worries of talking to my principal. Well I spoke to her and she was extremely understanding. I let her know that this would most likely not be forever, just for while until Aiden is older. She assured me that she would hire me back in a heartbeat, and understood that this was a life change. So now I really feel like Mark and I made the right decision. Thank you for all of your prayers. Since then I have also talked to others who have had positive experiences with the preschool. I am pumped!

This is a picture of Aiden and one of his sweet smiles. We seem to get them more often now, but we still have to really work for it. Smiles usually come after mealtime, or in the morning at Daddy. He is 2 months old today! My how time flies.


Brian Janek said...

It certainly is all good!

Two months old and doing great, thanks to mom and dad (and the support of family and friends of course :) ). Glad you hear you are pumped about your decison.

Now try to get Mark pumped about changing the diaper...:)

Darcy said...

The smiles will come more easliy the older he gets....Isn't it amazing how just one smile from him can make up for all the sleepless time and crying? Truely a miracle!

Dana Jane said...

He is growing so much and I miss his sweet smell!