Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A bittersweet offer

Ever since Aiden came along and even before that, thoughts of how in the world I go back to work have been in the back of my head. Well Mark and I determined that financially it just would not work out. So I decided to go back to my teaching job realizing that I would be providing for our family and that this was another way to be there for Aiden.

So even after my decision I still couldn't help but thinking about it. Sunday, a friend of mine called and told me about a job a lady at her church offered her. My friend told the lady about me. The lady wanted to meet me right away. So I went to meet her yesterday and she offered me a job working part time co-teaching with my friend teaching four year olds that are entering Kindergarten. Here is the best part. It is from 8-1 and Aiden goes with me and she is holding a spot open for him.

That was the sweet part now for the bitter...

This job is going to be a major pay cut. I know that many sacrifices will have to be made, and I am okay with that. It is just a huge leap of faith. Can we afford it? Mark and I really believe that it is the right decision- but we are going to have to change our whole comfy way of life, and really buckle down.

So here goes... I took the job at Celebration Baptist Church and I am ready to make a change. Now who is going to tell my principal?

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Darcy said...

I will be praying for blessings for your leap of faith! If you know of someone who wants to babysit Nena at my house from 9-11:30 during the week, let me know!