Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

I am telling you what folks, we were busy this Christmas! Aiden had a christmas performance one evening at school. He was an angel if you couldn't tell...which is why he is wearing garland on his head. Now, we were a little nervous for Aiden this time. At his Thanksgiving play he clammed up and did not sing one word to one song. He didn't even move his lips! When we asked him about it later he told us that there were too many people and he didn't like them clapping. This time the play was in the evening and every child's entire family was there! I was right up there with all the crazy's too! I had the camera in one hand and the video camera in the other. I was one proud mama and was not about to miss one single thing. There were so many people that I ended up in the front, on the floor. But to our surprise Aiden smiled, sang, and even did the occasional hand motion. His one nervous tick was that he pulled on his shirt collar the entire time. I kept telling him hands off! Other than that the whole thing was very sweet!

Taylor got to hang out with her buddy Kyle while big sis Tori sang in the play too!

He's really singing!
Sweet Angel!
Pulling on his stinkin' collar!
This is when he entered. He was so happy and cheerful
This was before the play. So sweet and loving...

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