Sunday, July 06, 2008

Some All-American Fun

We went last night and did the all-american thing. We hung out with friends, ate some food, saw some fireworks. The place we go each year is extremely family friendly. They do not allow alchohol, and the people that go there are generally nice and mostly families. There are lots of vendors and bouncy house things for the kids to jump in.
Aiden had a great time. About 4 seconds after we placed our blanket on the ground he had located the one patch of dirt in the whole place. Once his buddy Fox arrived he roped him into his mischief. Aiden was covered from head to toe with dirt. He made sure that Fox was also covered in dirt along with an innocent little boy who was merely passing by. The boys had a great time but they were sweaty, gross, sandy, and covered in sno-cones.

We didn't really know what to expect with Aiden and the fireworks, but he did rather well. For the first half he watched them but made sure my hands were tightly over his hears. By the end he loved it and was ooohing and aaahhing.

He fell asleep by the time we left the parking lot, which was about 30 minutes, but he DID get a bath when we got home close to midnight.

Here is Aiden with his buddies Fox, and Ranen.

There was a man flying in the sky with a little engine on his back and a flag attatched. I think this is what they are looking at. Notice the stained mouth and the water ( I hope) on their shirts. They were having fun.
Taylor stayed with my mom and dad. The heat and noise would have been too much for her. I took this picture today. Her eyes look so pretty to me. Note: she is wearing a swim suit that I wore when I was a baby. Weird.

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