Friday, June 13, 2008

Our week at home

This week we have been stuck at our house due to a nasty cold that the kids and I contracted. Even little Taylor had a yucky nose. So in the best interest of our friends we have kept our germs away. Taylor did have her two month check up and is doing everything she should.

We lounged around a lot. Here is how I found Taylor when she was supposed to be sleeping, and sweet Aiden resting on the floor.

Eventually we got tired of lounging and I began pulling my resources. We have painted with brushes, and our fingers, we have played in shaving cream,we have molded, we have baked, we have eaten Popsicles, we have read books, we built towers with blocks, we have watched movies, we danced,and even practiced some yoga. What we did not do was a lot of cleaning the house.

I have had several reasons lately that I have wanted to bake something sweet. I have made triple chocolate cherry bars, chocolate chip cookies, a strawberry amaretto cake, and know I have moved onto breads. I really like making them and sharing them. I usually try to leave the dessert where I take it and only bring some of it home. One of my good friends,Lauren gave me a book to borrow called 500 cupcakes. I have gone through it and am in the process of copying recipes. Now I just need some volunteers to eat them, anyone? Anyone? I think that I have always secretly wanted to own a trendy little cupcake shop. So many cupcakes so little time.

A while back I bought a couple of handprint mold kits. I think it was during the holidays. After reading the directions ( I always read the directions) I discovered that in order for the mold to take, one had to hold their hand still for 2 minutes. At the time I thought that this was really unreasonable for Aiden so I put the kits at the top of the closet and decided to wait until he was a little older to try this. Well, this week I tried . I thought "oooh- father's day." So, I read the directions, I laid my materials laid out, I read the directions again. I had a dum-dum lollipop ready for Aiden to distract him. This was going to be a breeze. Well actually what the directions meant when they said let the hand sit in the ooey-gooey nasty gel, was let it rest, without touching the bottom, or moving a millimeter AND it will take more than 5 minutes to set ( We stopped trying at 5 minutes when Aiden began to cry very loudly and it stopped being "fun") So, needless to say the mold idea was a bust and it was extremely messy. Save your money… DO NOT BUY THIS KIT!

Yesterday I introduced Aiden to a yoga video I had. We had such fun together practicing the poses. He really got a kick out of it. I even put baby girl on the floor and let her join us. He had so much fun with it that I ordered a kids yoga DVD online, that also teaches ABC’s. It had wonderful reviews so we will see… Here is Aiden's downward facing dog pose.

My yearlong search has ended. Last summer a friend of ours had these homemade Popsicle holders that she found at Wal-mart. They are wonderful because the Popsicle twists up and the juice is caught in the container (unless you like to drink it like Aiden.)I found them the other day while wandering around. Aiden’s current favorite flavor is white grape pomegranate. I enjoyed my cherry coke creation. I cannot believe I am at the point in my life when I am excited about popsicle makers. Sigh.

Next week will be better... we are hoping to see some buddies, maybe pick some blueberries with Ms. Michelle and Fox, maybe hit the library.

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