Monday, June 09, 2008

Bring the Rain

Lately there have been things in my life that have happened that I thought were blog worthy so this is what Samantha refers to as a "Heinze 57" post.

A couple of weeks ago a pretty bad thunderstorm came through in the late evening. Mark and I were just headed to bed when the lightning and the thunder began. Now, I will have to admit that I love a good rainstorm but thunder and lightning makes me want to hide under the covers. It scares the bah-gee-bees out of me! As it started I thought of my little angels sleeping peacefully in their beds, mainly worrying that it would wake the baby girl who is so high maintenance at getting to bed. So when I heard Aiden screaming I was surprised. He has never woken at a storm, so Mark and I headed in. Aiden was lying in his bed panic stricken as the thunder boomed around him. We consoled him, laid next to him, telling him that it was the rain and with it comes thunder, but that he was safe. I must mention that throughout this conversation lightning is striking it seems right outside his window and the thunder is shaking things in his room, and every-time I nearly jump out of my skin. So he is shaking and now has his fist balled up and is pushing them as hard as he can into his eyes, and all of a sudden he opens his eyes and shout “light-boom!” and covers them back up. We eventually had to pull him out of bed and bring him out of his room because after a good 45 minutes he was still not calm. He finally went back to bed but only after the storm was long gone. A few days later out of nowhere he talked to mark about it. It went something like this:

Aiden: Daddy?
Mark: Yes Aiden
Aiden: Bad Boom Bye Bye
Mark: Yes Aiden Bad boom bye bye.

Now Mark and I never referred to the thunder as a “bad boom” this is just something that Aiden came up with. This was especially sad to me because it made me realize how much that it in fact had scared him. Since then he has asked me at random times about this bad boom to make sure that it is in fact gone.

Taylor is wonderful. If you ask me this at bedtime I might tell you different. She is really difficult to get to go to bed, but when she does she sleeps. Last night made the second night she has slept for 11 hours straight. PRAISE GOD! On other nights when she doesn’t sleep all night she will sleep from 8pm-3am and then to 7am. After she eats then she usually sleeps again until 9 or 10. Pretty good for 8 weeks.

I think that Aiden is getting sick again. He woke up this morning with a fever and has been ever so whiny. Words like “mama” turn into “maaaaamaaaa” and “cereal” turns into “ceeereeeeaaaallll”. When Aiden is sick the number of syllables used around our house increase dramatically. This is nothing that a pallet on the floor with some Little Einstein’s cant fix.

Today we showed our house again. First of all keeping a house show ready with a baby and a toddler is no fun. I find myself putting toys away right up until the last minute and Aiden is still pulling them out. Like I said Aiden woke up with a fever today so I should have taped a sign to his shirt that said “BEWARE.” When the people came to see our house 40 minutes late I scooped up Aiden and took him outside. Taylor was sleeping so she was no problem. As soon as we got outside Aiden started asking for his ball that he likes to play with. Well of course Mark has put all of the toys away. I begin looking for the ball but I hear his whine starting to grow. By this time our big beast of a lab is barking furiously and our beagle is starting her beagle howl/cry. This by the way is my only job: to keep the kids busy and the dogs quiet and so far I am failing. I try to make the dogs get quiet but they are louder when I am near them so I abandon ship and tend to Aiden. He had now given the cat a hug and a kiss and is getting upset because of the amount of cat hair on his face and in his mouth. I clean his face and redirect back to finding the ball. The potential buyers are now outside and the dogs are still barking. Aiden now has hurt his foot and is crying (loudly) and refusing to walk. I check his foot. Nothing. Still crying, still barking, now we are sweating. Finally, the buyers leave. I was about to pull out a popsicle. When all else fails, offer a popsicle. Magically Aiden's foot is healed and the dogs are quiet. JERKS.

Lately I have become what I heard someone once refer to as a blog stalker. It can become addicting because one blog will lead you to another then another. Mark thinks that it is weird to read other peoples blogs that I don’t know but what does he know anyway? One that I was reading was a mommy blog that I found particularly funny called Rocks in my Dryer. This blog had a link the other day to another blog post called a letter to my daughter. After reading this post I then went back and read all of the posts from the beginning. This mommy created a blog to log the story of their dear baby that they found out had a number of problems in utero, and has just recently passed away. In addition to this, her sister in law who had a baby right before her just lost her new baby to SIDS. I am amazed at this woman’s sweet spirit and courage through what can only be described as a nightmare. The numbers of people that comment on her blog and pray for her have been unreal. It is heartwarming. I have found myself praying for this family and for their healing. If you have a few minutes to read or to take a look, or to pray, please do, but remember your Kleenex. The power of prayer is amazing.

Here are my sweet babies. When ever Aiden lays on the floor next to Taylor he tells me "mama picture." I think that he has learned how cute they are together and wants me to take a picture. Notice the orange spaghetti stained face. Aiden enjoyed swimming with YaYa and Taylor was pouting because it was sticky outside. Gross.

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michellenotdawn said...

Look at your fancified go Kagy!
I think we're reading the same blogs...I read through "Bring the Rain" over two nights and BAWLED MY FREAKIN' EYES OUT!
What an amazing story of faith and trust.