Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun in the....shade

Aiden really likes to play in the sand. I have searched high and low and there are not many playgrounds any more that have sand. It is usually mulch or recycled tire bits. We also looked around for a store bought sandbox and they are either really small or really expensive, or both. For the low cost of $31 dollars we now have a sandbox. Mark was super dad this weekend and built Aiden one kickin' sandbox equipped with lid. It is wonderful. He used pieces of wood that we had lying around and sand from a landscaping company down the road. It is under a group of huge trees so Aiden can play in it at any time of day without worry of sunburn. Yea!!!

Taylor is growing and changing. She is such a sweet little thing. I thought I would take a picture to recall how her hair looked at this point. The darker hair is falling out and coming in lighter. Aiden's did the same, it just cracks me up at how funny it looks. Like a little old man.

Another milestone happened on Friday. Aiden counted to ten. He was sitting it the back seat and while I was getting gas I just happened to peak in to get something and he was counting. He got to five and kept going. I made a big deal and clapped and hugged him, and since then he has done it several more times. I guess he got his Daddy's math skills. Thank goodness.


Sandra Bennage said...

What a great sandbox! (You guys rock...and sand.) ;-) The back of Taylor's head reminded me of a little Adah...I used to love to photograph the back of her little head. It's sweet and you know it will be gone soon...

Samantha Kagy said...

Yeah Aiden!! If I may make a small request - Please teach your cousin Abby to count to 10?!! :)