Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today we met Aiden's friend Noah and his mommy at Zionks. It is a new place in Tallahassee for kids to go. It is filled with the air bouncers and they also have games. There were some that were huge and had enormous mazes but there were also 3 or 4 that were perfect for Aiden. He played for two hours and took a 3 hour nap afterwards. Money well spent. They also take security measures by tagging you and your child with matching arm bands that are checked and then destroyed on the way out. For parents there is a lounge with leather recliners, flat screen tv's,and internet access. Also next to the tvs there is another screen that is like a security tape with a view of all of the bouncers.

With that little commercial out of the way... I would just like to say we had BIG fun!

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Darcy said...

WOW!! All the good stuff happens after we leave!! Sounds great! If we were in town we would join you for sure!