Sunday, May 25, 2008

I need a vacation

We are back from Orlando and I am so thankful to be home. We had a week full of both good and bad points. Here are the highlights…

The Good Points:

- Aiden had a great time playing with Nana and Papa
- We visited the Rainforest Café. What a cool place!
- The hotel had a great pool with a beach entry. Aiden could play in the
water and we could play with him without having to get in the water all the
- Mark and I got to go out by ourselves while Nana and Papa watched the kids.
- We explored the many shops of Downtown Disney.
- We made it home safe and sound.

The Not So Good Points:
- Aiden ran a fever of 103 for the first two days, and then recovered for the
rest of the week.
- He screamed all the way to Orlando because he didn’t feel well.
- Anything he said to me for the next couple of days was in a whine.
- We left most of the places we visited the end of the week because Aiden’s
behavior was so horrendous. We tried the outlet mall twice but left with a
child screaming both times after being there only a few minutes.
- Our “suite” was nothing but a hotel room with a wall as a divider.
- That very cool pool gave me a STAPH infection in my left eye!

I am glad to be home. ALthough I feel like now I need a vacation.


Darcy said...

Good for you for finding the positives in all of that!!! You are making me rethink our upcoming Sea World trip...hmmm.

Holland Family said...

Love the pics, but I need more of Taylor, or I just need to see her more. Yeah for summer, we have to get up and enjoy time together. Glad u r home safe and try to get some rest. luv u!