Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Vaction Thoughts...

While still reflecting on our week in Orlando I thought of two more interesting points that I would like to comment on.

When Mark was in training during the day Butch, Janie, the kids and I found things to get into. One of the days we spent the morning shopping at Downtown Disney. The weather was nice, and there was not too many people there. Marketing is a powerful thing.With everything you could ever think of that you may want to buy Disney related and the sound of the songs of Mary Poppins and other movies playing in the air, it just makes you want to go to disney world. It also make me dread the future of having a little girl and the disney princess hype.

As we walked around we kept seeing little girls from the age of about 3-12 walking around in princess dresses, pageant sashes, with their hair in up-do's. We wondered what it was about. Well while wandering in one of the store we found the source of this madness. I think it was something called the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique. Well, basically this is a salon in one of the stores for little girls. The prices rance from about 40 dollars for just hair ( we didn't see many of these girls) to the low price of $225 so your little girl can look like a princess in no time complete with nails, hair (with extensions) makeup and princess dress (we saw LOTS of these girls) Here is the kicker...The salon at 10:00 in the morning was filled and there was a line. Some of the daddies actually looked like they were in pain. They would rather break the bank than so no to their little girls. I only pray that I can stear Taylor clear of this madness.

The other interesting thing that I found was the amount of people from different countries that were in Orlando. Aiden was dumbfounded when I told him our waitor at dinner one night was named Diego, who was from Columbia ( he watched Diego before naptime each day).At our hotel alone, at one point I think that we were the only Americans at the pool. There were many people with British accents and others that were speaking other European languages. I found myself listening to conversations to hear the different accents. I think the red-headed boy from Harry Potter was there, and by the way had no business being in the sun. Oh- and those Europeans love their speedos! Yuck!

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Samantha Kagy said...

I confess... I would probably be one of those parents (painful expression & all) standing in line at the boutique for my little princesses.