Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Aiden's Big Boy Bed

Sunday afternoon Mark came home with a big boy bed for little man Aiden. We decided that we wanted to go ahead and transition him into this before Baby Taylor came home so that there would be one less thing for him to get used to. We also did not want to risk the idea of him thinking that the stinkin' baby stole his crib. So we skipped the toddler bed thing and just bought a mattress for him to start with. That way a fall would not be so far down.

Last night we moved the crib out- and put a mattress in. He seemed to really like it. Getting the bed ready he would run and fall into it. After the sheets and his entourage of stuffed toys he laid down just fine. We read our books, sang our songs, turned off the light and he was done. He slept the whole night, and was fine this morning. I hope this trend stays the same.

Here is Aiden showing off his new bed during the prep time. He is so proud!

Later I snuck in and took a picture of our sleeping angel.


Anonymous said...

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Sandra Bennage said...

OH, that is so cute! I hope Ranen's transition goes so well!