Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fourth of July 2010

This fourth of July we once again spent in style with our great group of friends at Northwoods. We have started somewhat of a little tradition. There is such a wonderful family atmosphere here and the kids have so much fun. The Rutherford family came over for dinner before and then we hit the road. When we got there the kids played, and Mark and I got to hang out with the grown ups. The kids loved the fireworks. Taylor kept repeating over and over again "Fireworks go BOOM!", and insisted that her Daddy hold her ears. We were home by eleven and even managed to keep the kids awake so that we could bathe them when we got home, and read a story. We can mark this in the books for a successful trip!

No Florida summer celebration is ever complete without a sno-cone.....or a afternoon rain shower. Thanks Laura for the straw mats. FYI- they leak ;-)

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