Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daddy's a....

Lately Aiden has been very interested in who is a boy, who is a girl, man, or lady. This is the conversation we had in the car yesterday.

Aiden: Mommy you are a girl?
Mommy: Yes Aiden, but when girls grow up and get bigger we call them ladies.
Aiden: Oh. You are a lady.
Mommy: Is Taylor a boy or a girl?
Aiden: She is a baby girl.
Mommy: What is Daddy?
Aiden: (with great excitement) Daddy's a man! (quicker now) with big strong muscles, and he is good at fixing things too. Like my bike. He fixes my bike.
Mommy: (laughing) Yes, you should thank him for those things Aiden.

Well 30 minutes later when we walked in the door, the first thing he did was walk directly to Mark and tell him thank you for fixing his bike. I hope he always thinks so highly of his Daddy.

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