Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am living in chaos.  That's all there is to it.

In order to have a better chance of selling we decided to refinish and paint all of our 500( not really) kitchen cabinets.

Yes, we may be crazy.

We embarked on this adventure on Sunday.  We began with the cleaning, sanding, and painting of a small section.  We got through sanding,  and priming and successfully keeping the little ones out of all of this mess on Sunday evening.  

So Monday morning we woke up, finished painting the few cabinets left of the first SMALL section, and began sanding the next section.  Well, all was going well until...

I walked into the laundry room trying to keep some sort of order and water was, not running, but GUSHING out of the water heater and water was several inches deep on the laundry room floor.  So we quickly switched gears to the water heater and left the cabinets behind.

All I have to say is thank you for the shop vac and thank you God that we were home and caught the water before it got far.  We pulled out the washer,dryer, deep freezer, and the water heater.  Then, because all of those items were too heavy to deal with before I then decided that while
 Mark went and bought a new water heater to install that I would paint the laundry room.  Yes, I understand how crazy this all seems.  It seemed just as crazy while it was taking place.  

Neither one of the kids thought it was a good idea to nap this day, so while I hid away painting, Taylor was reluctantly playing in her pack- n play and Aiden enjoyed some good ole Dora!  After a while of listening to the whining coming from the pac n play, I went to investigate and of course found a poop covered Taylor, and Aiden stark naked playing cars, watching Dora.

At this time I am accepting nominations for Mom of the Year.

Well... the laundry room got painted, thanks to my wonderful husband we now have a new hot water heater and even got hot showers last night.  We are right back where we started.  Mark decided that he would hang the new cabinets with the new hardware.  Wouldn't you know... they do not fit.  Figures.


Sandra Bennage said...

Oh, girl!! I feel for you. That is just a crazy day. How do we ever get anything accomplished?!

michellenotdawn said...

Oh honey! I love ya, and will be coming over to help soon!

Samantha Kagy said...

HA! i'm only laughing b/c i feel like this page belongs in the book of my life...
one thing, though... aiden -- who's he take after sportin the birthday suit in the middle of the afternoon - playing cars & watchin tv?? :)

Carey M said...

Wow. That is insane! You guys are so crazy adventurous...I am inspired :-)