Thursday, June 28, 2007

what we've been up to

This summer we have been so busy doing "stuff". We have been going to play with friends, to the pool, and music groups. We tend to get so busy that I have to schedule in a day to stay at home to try to keep my house in decent shape. This past week my mom and I took AIden to Jasper, Florida to see my grandparents.

These are family night pictures from the park. Aiden had a great time. It was 30 minutes past his bedtime and he was still toddling around like a little drunk man. He was so tired but he did not want to leave. He really enjoyed the seesaw. It was one that bounces if no one is on the other side and he would get excited and kick his legs to try to bounce up and down.


Samantha Kagy said...

He is such a little man! I can't wait to see him and spend some time with you all. 3 more weeks -

Holland Family said...

Could he be any cuter. Did I spell that right? Who knows, u know me!!??