Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 07

Unlike last memorial day this one was quite mellow. Last week was busy, being that it was the last week of school, so this weekend our family took it pretty easy. Staying home lately has gotten a bit difficult. The smoke is pretty bad where we are and it makes it hard to go outside. So on Saturday we went to Tallahassee where it was much better and met some of our friends for a picnic.

Aiden is trying to toddle around so the playground was a little more exciting. We also brought his tractor and he had fun pushing his buddy Ranen around.

Starting yesterday Aiden developed a pretty mean diaper rash. It was really bad today, so we spent alot of time outside today, so that Aiden could run in the nude. This is Aiden with his Tigerlily. Tigerlily can be pretty nasty sometimes but has always been very sweet to Aiden. We are trying to teach him the difference between stroking the cat and patting the dog. He is catching on pretty well.

So that is what we did. I was thinking back to last memorial day when we had water fun at our house with all of our friends. Aiden was so bitty. I watched him at the park this weekend pushing Ranen around and I just couldn't believe what a kid he is turning into.

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Christopher Bennage said...

I'm lovin' that picture of Aiden and Ranen!