Sunday, April 15, 2007

Aiden Crawls!

Aiden is officially a crawler. It is funny though because I was so worried about him crawling that I truly didn't think about all the things that go with it. Some of you told me and now that I know he can crawl I want him to stop. Not really but baby proofing sucks! He not only crawls but he can actually climb things as well. He is into everything. Cabinets, he tries to climb kitchen chairs, he gets into dogfood. Fun times. I act like it is horrible but at this point we are still having fun chasing him around. The other thing that he has started to do is try to feed himself. It makes for a rather messy meal but he insists on feeding himself any chance he gets. Things he used to prefer to eat with his fingers like small veggies, he would rather I stab it with a fork and let him put it in his own mouth. Dinnertime is a bit longer than usual now.

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