Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day

I try to fight it. I try to say I am not a fan of such silly days like Valentine's, St. Patricks Day, Halloween etc., but I am. I love all things festive. More and more I see the product of this through my children. Aiden was extremely upset when Christmas was over and frequently asks me when Halloween will be here again. I secretly love it.

This was the first Valentines Day that Aiden could really get what was going on, I guess. So, If Aiden thinks it is cool so does Taylor.

Aiden filled up his bedtime sticker chart for sleeping in his bed all night every night, and got to go have frozen yogurt and pick out Valentines for his friends at Ms. Amanda's. He was in heaven! He chose spiderman valentines (of course) cups to drink out of, m&m's, heart shaped cookie cutters, and heart sprinkles. I took this as a hint that we were going to make cookies (again, I love it!)

So this week we made cookies (no cut out roll cookies here folks), rolled them out, made icing and decorated them. There were moments of sure chaos and screaming that they wanted cookies before they were done, but we made it through. They had so much fun decorating (and tasting). Taylor was a little angel! She was very meticulous with her frosting and spent a great amount of time placing sprinkles on each cookie, and Aiden was frosting one after the other like a little machine. By the time they were all done, it was bathtime and then bedtime. Mark whisked them off to the bath and I got to clean up the mess without little grabby hands reaching everywhere.

When Taylor went to bed Aiden and I sat down and wrote his name on his valentines. It went well for the first two or three but by number 5 he was done and so was I. It was a great night but exhausting and I wouldn't trade one minute. Happy little festive memories.