Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween and there after...

Here are a few more pictures that I couldn't help but post.  This is Aiden's very first trip to the door Trick or Treating.  He would shout "Trick or Treat please!"  I was pretty surprised considering how quiet he usually is.  I guess if you stick some candy in front of the kid he will talk to anyone.

The game that we played with the kids was hanging doughnuts on a string and trying to eat it- hands free!  After the older kids ran off ready for the next activity the toddlers were left to eat the remains.  They had three down each before I figured it out and told Mark to stop hanging doughnuts. Maybe that is why Aiden ran from
 door to door like he did. Hmmm... For the rest of the weekend Aiden walked around in his sunglasses refusing to take them off.  I think he got a little too into character.  In the bath?  Really Aiden?

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