Tuesday, September 11, 2007


When I had Aiden I was very fortunate to have several of my close girlfriends pregnant at the same time. We all had babies within the same month. The closest baby that was born was my sweet neice Abigail. She was born 12 hours after Aiden in Louisville. Samantha ( her mommy) and I seem to have a pattern of doing things in the same fashion or in the same timeline. For instance:
- Sam and I married brothers
- We both have December birthdays ( 5 days apart)
-We graduated from the same college at the same time, with the same degree. I think her GPA was a few points higher though.
- We both teach elementary school.
- We both had babies within a few hours of eachother and now...
- We are both preganant again!

That is right folks Samantha is roughly a week behind me in her pregnancy! How do we do this? Honestly , I love it! I love to be able to share the same things and go through it together. I am so blessed to have such a great sister! Congratulations Sammy and Steve.


Carey said...

THAT IS AWESOME! You guys some freaky timing....

Christopher Bennage said...

I swear, I can't the leave the Internet for 5 minutes without one of you crazy cats getting pregnant!

Samantha Kagy said...

What a sweet blog! I'm going to email this to family. I had no idea we had that much in common - CRAZY!

Rock on, Momma!

Lauren said...

OMG - that is crazy!!! How exciting that another one is on the way and will have a cousin the same age.