Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sunny Saturday!

Tallahassee (and its surounding areas) are beautiful this time of year. I love to drive down the road and look at all of the different colors that fill the streets. I also love our yard. We have azaleas everywhere and in the shady area on the side of the house we have close to 10 dogwood trees that are all in bloom. It is breathtaking. So I decided to pose Aiden in front of the flowers because who can resist a baby in front of flowers? Not me!

Aiden and I drove out to my parents house to enjoy the weather while Mark helped a friend sod his yard. Aiden had a great time riding around with Granddaddy on his tractor, and was mesmerized by the handle that made the bucket go up and down. After a while we went home and Aiden was asleep before we got out of the driveway. I enjoyed the quiet on the way home and realized Aiden is 11months old today. Yesterday he took a his first step.

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