Thursday, December 21, 2006

Butchy Clause

This past weekend we had our Christmas in Sarasota with Mark’s parents. Sam and baby Abigail flew down from Louisville and we got to spend time with them. Because Steve works for UPS he is banned from taking time off before Christmas so he couldn’t come. We had such a good time. Abby and Aiden were too cute together and it reminded us of how much we miss seeing them.
The big plan was to take the kids to the mall to see Santa. It was like a scene from the Christmas story. The line was wrapped around in a loop. After I went to investigate I also discovered that the cheapest Santa picture package was $20.00. So we weighed the options and quickly left. Later on Mark’s uncle showed up with a Santa outfit that he had for years. We dressed up ole Butch and made a Butchy-Clause. The pictures below paint a very clear picture of what went down.
I would also like to add just how cute my niece is. She is a hoot. Baby girl Abby has the whole package. She has the looks and definitely has a personality! I can’t wait to see her again.

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